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  • Jagged Wing

    Hey guys/gals

    I was wondering if someone could help me smooth out the wing on this shot? I am not quite sure as to what I should use to do so. Thanks for your help

    I removed the jagged shot to post this one... I have tried to reprocess it

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    Way oversharpened ( and backlit) ......................have you applied sharpening at post processing or is your in-camera settings set to sharpen.
    Leading edges,cheatlines can be a problem.
    Can you post a cropped and resized of the original...........if this is not the original.
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      I sharpened after all my processing. I have the camera sharpening set on 0. I can put it on -1 or -2. Should I put it on one of those settings? This is a cropped version of the original.. I can post a non processed one

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        As I said leading edges etc can be a problem.....try resizing in steps say 4 to 6.
        Then when you sharpen problem photos like this you need to use a layers/erase
        method..........if you are not familiar

        Layer/duplicate layer/OK
        Sharpen to required level.
        Select eraser tool and erase oversharpened areas.
        Layer/flatten image.
        There are other methods but have a try ..see how you go
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          Oh wow. That works very well Greg thank you very much for your help. There is still a lot I need to learn with photoshop.


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            Oh the 732...what a rig. I'm gonna miss those birds.
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              Me too, this is an ex SWA bird... I really miss them...


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                Are you able to get another go at it in better lighting conditions?
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                  Yeah I will be going out for a flight in the morning. I thought I had turned down the exposure but I guess that was on some other photos I took. Do you have any suggestions for any reading on photoshop to help me learn what all it is capable of?


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                    Sorry, but regardless of sharpening, this photo will most likely score a backlit rejection during screening.

                    Its not really close to being borderline.


                    Steve Brown


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                      Right on Steve, I kind of figured this one would be a loss cause. I just figured I'd get some help for editing since I am still learning all that. Thanks guys


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                        I noticed you used spot metering on that shot .....multi patern would be a safer bet.This coupled with better lighting you should be ok.You could try as you suggested setting camera shapening to -1.
                        I will look up some PS links I have used in the past,and post in here later,but remember the camera (you) does (do) the work...PS finishes.

                        Steve we are fully aware of that.....see my first post.
                        We are helping with a sharpening problem here.
                        This jumping at members is the sole reason I prefer to help other photographers via email.
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                          FFS, I didn't jump at him I was trying to point out from a screeners point of view what we would see if we got the photo in the queue. Get It?

                          Notice I used the words sorry and I didn't say a bad thing against it.

                          Why don't you enagage your brain before you post?

                          No problem, glad to help.


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                            Maybe it's worth mentioning like "backlit like already been said" next time in ye'r post, and we avoid this kind of stuff, guys ?
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                              forget the re-edit & don't re-upload it...end of discussion.

                              next trips
                              USA/DXB August.