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  • Mark Ralph
    A) copied from the upload guidelines.
    Means, that you have a similar photo already in the db. Please upload only your best photos, try other angles, be creative. Similar refers to same registration, same angle/composition or same background, even if taken at different dates. However, if a new uplod is of a significantly better quality, we may cosider to accept it. For cockpit shots or wing views, do not upload photos of any detail. We will only accept a certain number of cockpit or window shots taken in the same aircraft.

    B) Images should be taken & uploaded by the person/photog that has the user account. You cannot upload images taken by somebody else. Unless under special circumstances, if this is the case permission must be obtained from a member of the Admin team.

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  • Robby
    started a topic Similar Photos on same date ...

    Similar Photos on same date ...

    While studying some pictures uploaded in the Database lately, I
    got very confused as to what the screeners understand under
    similar photos ..

    I just want to know for clarification sake the answer on the
    following questions where I am more interested in the motives ...

    a) What is understood with similar photo uploaded ?
    More then one photo of same aircraft during one specific approach ?
    More then one photo of same aircraft during one specific taxi
    manouver to the departing runway ?

    b) What about pictures that are loaded up under one specific
    photographer name but were physically taken by other person(s)
    then same photographer... because knowing the area one would
    know that it is impossible for the same person to take a picture
    from two different location angles of the same aircraft on the
    same date on the only approach of that particular aircraft that

    I have not been able to find anything stating that the last
    is not allowed ...