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    Originally posted by BA747-436
    Id say the 'Artistic' catagory is there for composition when taking the original shot more than post processing. Please dont think just by hitting the de-saturate button in PS or similer, that you can go ahead and tick the artistic catagory.


    I love the way you framed it with the branch, tree and railing.


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      Lost America

      On a slightly critical point, ome could argue that the empty space above the frond is distracting and Dan should crop tighter. However.....
      I'm going to up the ante a little. I decided to visit the Lost America web site this morning and discovered that he has posted some new stuff with is worth viewing.
      Troy Piava is an outstanding photographer with his own unique style.
      Now those shots are artistic, see what you think.


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        I hear what your saying Wallace, but then surely the shot would not fall under the catagory 'artistic' as there would be no interesting framing of the shot and it would become yet another simple side on..... So taking that into consideration i feel that the fact you have the palm tree and the railings in shot gives the photo more of an artistic appeal. Although the fact of the matter is, that this arguement is down to personal taste. As is the whole idea of a shot being 'artistic'.


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          Sorry Dan, I was thinking in Camera Club mode when I made my comments and not as an aviation minded photographer. As it turns out when the photo does not work when it is cropped closer. The fronds just hang down from the top of the picture and don't look nice at all, so I say this with a slice of humble pie, your version is a lot better than my suggestion.

          Gerado's definition of Artistic Composition seems a reasonable definition to me as is Brian's the wonderfully romantic sounding Essence.... dream of flight.


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            No need to appologise mate, yours, as everyones opinions are greatly appreciated. Especialy on topics as hard to define as these. Where the only way to get a clearer outcome is to discuss and debate.


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              I suppose this would get a Manipulation rejection as well?

              Of course it would!
              A 24 layer composite image. There's an Easyjet Airbus, Lufthansa B737 and an Aer Arran ATR in this picture. Oh, I nearly forgot a wee bird making a tight turn as the Airbus is taking off.
              The conditions were so variable that it made matching the layers very difficult, so you can see where I rubbed through on some of them.
              It was fun while it lasted.


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                Like the idea of multiple exposures, with such obvious technique i think its an obvious rejection but had i done a 3 exposures on one frame of my film SLR then scanned it, tis a very viable technique, and layers is how we do it on a digital camera, so where does the site stand here?
                Sam Rudge
                A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash