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Help with level please.

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  • Help with level please.

    This pic was rejected for horizon not level and I could do with some advice. It was shot with a Nikon 18-70 close to the 18 end of the focal length. I levelled as best as I could using the horizontal roof ridge in the back ground. The problem in this part of Kent is that very few structures have a truly horizontal or vertical line. The grassy area on which the aircraft is parked has a natural left/right upwards slope so the hedge line is not an accurate guide to level.

    Could this be one of those pics that needs to "look level" rather than actually "be level" ?

    All guidance appreciated.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !

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    try using the verticals of the house - either the right hand wall or the chimney stack. The roof line looks unlevel. A touch of CW rotation should work.



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      Yep just use the house wall ,

      18mm shouldn't be causing any horizontal distortion,

      Just leave a friendly note to the screeners pointing out that the house is level and it's the grass that the plane is on that isn't.


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        Brian, with an 18mm lens you are going to get fish-eye distortion, however I selected the TV aerial in the chimney as a reference vertical, gave it a 4 degree rotation and a second crop and it came in not too bad.
        It is a fair guess that the Mystere is engine less as it is sitting high on the front strut, which will account for its uphill look to the picture.
        I would suggest a note to the screener, probably a 20 one about using the chimney as a reference and see how it goes.

        I have to admit that I also played God with the blue rope.
        See that you used flash, that's a nice touch.


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          Quoting Wallace...I have to admit that I also played God with the blue rope.

          That blue rope is a royal pain in the backside but rules are rules and there it must stay.......

          ........but I was awfully tempted as well.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !