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Any chance for these shots?

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  • Any chance for these shots?

    I just got back from Cancun and was wondering if any of these shots have a chance at being accepted to the database. If not, is there any chance at editing them to make them better? Thanks.

    Midwest Airlines - The Best Care In The Air

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    I'd say numbers 2 and 3 may have a good shot with some editing, but number 1 not so much, because a portion of the wing is absent.
    Just my ideas.


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      Not an expert but I think number 1 is still okay if you cut closer to the tail fin. And what you also have to do is to level these pictures, the third one looks a bit backlit though...I don't know, I'm sure someone with more experience will comment on that very soon.


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        An Ex-Screener writes:

        1) Possible clutter rejection.

        2) Clutter again, also needs levelling-has some potential though.

        3) Another possible clutter rejection

        All three have potential to get into the database, I am using an LCD screen at the moment so I can't really comment on the image quality or softness but I do think that a lot will depend on how rare the aircraft are, and of course who screens it.

        Apologies to the crew about that last comment but it is a known fact that with an ever growing compliment of screeners there will be increasing amounts of inconsistency.

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          Although on #1 the aircraft is not really that much covered by clutter, the ramp stuff is too distracting, as is the cut off wing tip and the unlevel horizon. I wouldn't go any further with that one.
          #2 and #3 look OK, motive-wise, but they look rather weird: on one hand soft, as if you photographed plastic models, on the other hand, they show some jaggies. I also agree with Matt about the photos beeing unlevel.

          @Matt: no apologies needed. You know it as good as me, that the more screeners we have, the bigger the discrepancy in screening will be.

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            So you think that if 2 & 3 were sharpened, they would be good enough? Cause I only have Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0, so I've already edited them as best I can.

            Midwest Airlines - The Best Care In The Air