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Horizon unlevel (rejected for 4+ times)

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  • Horizon unlevel (rejected for 4+ times)

    Hi guys, I got htis picture rejected for more than 4 times in the past few weeks, I don't know why, is this such a bad cabin shot...?
    When I upload this picture I explained to the screener that I was using my 18mm lens and thus have barell distortion, perhaps I don't know how to level a picture. Would be nice if you guys are able to give me some advice.

    Thank you!!

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    To me the picture seems to be leaning to the right...I'm not on a computer with photoshop so I couldn't tell you by how much.
    Bobby DeBarge
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      It's an interesting photo. Take a look at the bulkhead.

      I have tried to correct the level by going after Nr. 2
      by using the Measure tool, then going up and clicked on the >Image-Rotate Canvas>Arbitrary- 2,42 CCW.

      Try to re-edit your shot. It's really nice to see someone trying real hard to get a cabin shot into the database, why didnt you just come here and asked for help after the second time rejection. Lol 4 times...
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        In my opinion, try to level it with the frame at the center row


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          Nr. 3 would make it lean downward to the left. But I guess our screeners can come up with a better solution for this shot. Great shout though. Good luck.
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            I was one of the guys who screened this one last night...

            As shown by John, the picture was leaning to the right. When using lenses that are going to distort, I usually look for uprights in the middle of the picture as the guide for horizon. As John has shown the bulkheads in this shot provide a good indication of the horizon and they are in the middle of the picture. And you can see how far he has rotated to get them level. I'd probably go for Number 1 myself as the rotation that Joh n has applied looks like its gone a little too far to the left.

            Hope this helps
            Steve Brown


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              Alright, cool, thanks guys!!