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    Everyone else has made good comment on the rejection reasons so I won't go there, but may I make a general comment?
    Every time I look at the pic, and I've shut it down and reopened it several times, my eyes get drawn to the baggage cart, especially the bright blue bag on the top of the pile !!.

    In my opinion, for a rear quarter picture to be accepted, it has to be better than most offers to the database. It is a difficult angle to make a good picture from and foreground clutter will almost certainly make for a rejection especially when the clutter covers a considerable part of the aircraft as this one does.

    This pic would probably have worked if it had been taken from the front right quarter.....but it wasn't so, sadly, it's one for the personal memories collection really.
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Well said Sam.

      People tend to try hard, even know a photo would not have any chance to get in, although there in some cases already included a screeners comment. Sometimes people should take a break, take a deep breathe and start over again editing the photo.

      Btw Thank you to our screeners and the photographers for taking their time (screening) and taking great photos. Kudos comrades. You guys deserves some cookies or better yet, some sixpacks.
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        Sixpacks ?? Who said sixpacks ??? Where ?....