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    Yeah my CRT is starting to crap out on me . I need a new monitor. I'm looking at a 19" or 20" in one. I don't care if it's widescreen or not. I don't think it really matters. I play FS and Counterstrike and stuff like that too. Any recommendations?

    Off to Newegg I go!

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    Offtopic, but whats you steam name Crism ?


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      I like ViewSonic and have two widescreen LCD's on my computer and i love it. Sharpness can be alittle weird when processing images as you basically have to get a little bit of jaggies on it.

      I really reccomend a widescreen as it allows you to work with a couple of documents side by side...then you get dual widescreens and can really work with a couple of documents.


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        I have a 17 inch ViewSonic for my other computer... Its not the size you are looking for I know but I think it looks real nice. I haven't done any editing on it. The colors are real nice. Yet it doesn't seem to look nearly as good as the my NEC CRT. My NEC is crapping out on me as well. I have been looking at NECs LCD and and found a NEC 20 inch for $454. I would need a better job to afford that..


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          My NEC finally died. I am on this POS viewsonic might as well be 2 inches LCD. Any suggestions for an LCD? I am looking at

 NEC 19" TFT

          Anyone use this?