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    Just noticed your revised signature Gerardo, you'll have not trouble from the Scots on that count, we normally add a few more "r"'s for good measure any way.....

    Sharpening - the more sharpening you do the more noise it makes, and it does make noise. It is not noise as in sensor noise but a degradation in picture quality. Try it for yourself by continually sharpening an image and see how long it takes for the picture quality to degrade.
    Sharpen once and once only in my book, even at a setting lower than 100%

    Sharpening works by accentuating the difference between two contrasting areas, the more that you do this the more accentuation you have and the more the picture degrades.


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      Cool guys thanks for the help. I had been using Neat Image for awhile but I want my exif data to be saved for when I upload them to here. I will try noise ninja next. I haven't tried shooting in RAW and using the converter yet..