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Perspective and Colour Range correction.

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  • Perspective and Colour Range correction.

    I came across a great tutorial on how to correct the perspective using the crop tool rather than the Transform tool. I'm impressed with this new method.

    I used the door frame in the centre of the frame....

    Used the whole of the visible portion of the Portacabin in the background

    All I used on this image was the Level on the Portacabin roof

    Interesting one for colour range (cast) removal, just the top section

    The focal length was 37mm. The first two images not finalised image, they are just for illustration, the last two were done on finalised images.

    I am also impressed with the Duotone tutorial, but that is not for here.

    ..... and when the hangover clears be sure and have a better year than last year.

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    After your hangover you will hopefully remember, there is a "manipulation" rejection reason waiting for such photos

    But, good tricks to play around a bit
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      Come on Gerardo, you can't leave it hanging like that! Please explain your manipulation comment.
      No. 1 was for fun and to illustrate a point and No.4 was for myself. As for the other two, you could generate a huge debate on what is and what is not acceptable for manipulation.
      In my book one has to compensate for perspective otherwise the photo is just plain wrong (it's bad photography and more wrong than a level) and selective colour is no different to levels.

      To make matters worse, I was stone cold sober last night - nominated driver and party pooper!


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        Why alter the perspective? Perspective is nothing wrong, in fact it is nothing more than a bit physics and mathematics and above all, one of the methods to "design" a photo. Altering the perspective is like cheating in my book.

        As for the colors, agreed it's somewhere like using tones and curves.

        Cheers, party pooper
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