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    Originally posted by RingwaySam
    Hi Noel,
    I did attempt to move the black stuff but it's quite hard.
    The black stuff is (I think) part of the fence, I was shooting through on an angle. I managed to get rid of it on the aircraft itself through the use of a levels mask, for the sky I used the heal tool which removed most of it.

    It does look great though, could you possibly tell me what sharpening/levels etc you applied?

    I thought the 747 and 757 were the better two, I guess with a bit of playing they could come out quite nice?.

    Giancarlo - I got FocalBlade as a plugin for CS2 to help with sharpening, as I think it gives better results than the built in sharpening. I guess if you know how to use CS2's sharpening properly then it's great!



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      I am pretty sure that proper CS2 sharpening will create optimal results. I'd therefore like to guide you to the following links:


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        I can only see the Virgin 747 as the rest have been taken out of the queue, but this is very oversharpened IMO.

        I think if you use the insignia on the aircraft as a sharpening starting point it can help as these are painted perfectly straight so you know if the edges are jagged then the shot is oversharpened. I tend to use the reg for a visual measure for softness as it is small lettering that will be blurred and hard to read if it is soft but will look normal and very readable if sharpened correctly.

        If you use a combination of the above it gives you a decent starting point to see if a shot is soft or oversharpened and you can adjust accordingly, but it is only a starting point mind.