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Canīt understand this re-submition rejection!

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  • Canīt understand this re-submition rejection!


    just wanted to replace this pic in the database with an improved pic.


    The improved pic makes an better impression to me b/c the size is bigger and the saturation, framing and sharpness (for what it was rejected before).....
    Thatīs the pic:]

    So what is wrong with this picture, because it looks way better to me...


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    Click Here to view my aircraft photos at

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    Size is not bigger per se. Width is the same, just the height is different. and this exactly kills the re-submitted photo IMO, as the aircraft is way too high in the frame. In addition, the re-submitted photo has its flaws: soft, lack of contrast.
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      I have to agree with Gerardo re: soft and too high in frame. It could also do with between +5 and +10 contrast which, in itself, may cure the softness. The new crop spoils it as well.

      I used to upload pics sized somewhere between 3x2 and 4x3 ratio, sometimes even shorter on the vertical crop, but am tending now to crop exactly to 3x2 or 4x3 as these ratios "fit the eye" so to speak.
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