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Little confused on this rejection

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  • Little confused on this rejection

    I tried to email the screener, but it got returned as a Fatal error.

    This is the rejected image

    I don't understand the rejection I uploaded this one right after with the same information as this one It is also the closest thing to a 'similar image' but the rejected one is at a different angle looking down the leading edge of the wing and the accepted one is a straight side shot.

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    Both shots are taken within a like a 3 second period, so , simliar they are.
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      Hi Christopher.
      Yes both shots are really similar showing the same angle of the plane. The missing category is most probably "night shot" as it's been taken in dawn lighting conditions.
      Hope it helps


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        The missing cat. was "night shot" and it's too similar to other one.

        My other pictures:


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          My understanding of 'night shot' was when the plane is being backlit and since i wasnt backlighting the aircraft i didnt select that box.

          Also for the similar photo i have done this before and had both images accepted, hence my confusion.

          Funny thing is i felt this was a better image then the accepted one lol.

          Thanks for the help


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            You could always delete the accepted picture and re-upload the better version if you wish.

   for my personal gallery.


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              But see i liked both of them and wanted to share both of them hence the up load of both of them.


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                Originally posted by Christobal65
                But see i liked both of them and wanted to share both of them hence the up load of both of them.
                Entirely understandable emotion but look at it this way...if every photographer uploaded 3 similar pics taken a few seconds apart then...

                1/ The database would be three times bigger.
                2/ It would need three times the bandwidth
                3/ The screeners would have three times the work to do.
                4/ Therefore screening would take three times as long.
                5/ .....but only every third picture would be different.

                If your EVA pics ( both of them very nice pics, good panning ) had been front threequarter landing and rear threequarter takeoff, then that would have been a different matter. Your two pics were taken so closely together timewise that they are virtually identical visually.

                This sketch may help illustrate similar and not similar. Please understand that I am not attempting to "Talk Down" to anyone or to insult their intelligence with the simplicity of this, it is intended to help.

                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                  Brian, that's quite a nice idea to make a long story short! Although I would add a classic side-on shot on the second graph (top right), which can also different from the other two angles.
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