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    I'm wondering if this shot would be rejected for the boom blocking the aircraft? I searched the DB and only saw 2 others accepted where they were refueling a C-5. With the A-10 being so small and up close, it blocks out more of the image.

    I don't have anything where the A-10 was there and the boom was up. I want my 500th shot to be a good one!


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    Hi Dave,

    I have been looking at this on & off most of this afternoon whilst at work. Yes the boom is slightly distracting but in the context of the overall shot it doesn't look odd. the only things that catch my eye are:
    The general centering, the whole shot is over to the right, and black silhoette of the aircraft window you were shooting from.
    Don't get me wrong I like the shot, after all it's not something you see everyday. If you haven't got much room to move in the cropping perhaps a 4:3 crop might help.
    Personally I wouldn't reject it for the boom it's in keeping with the whole shot.



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      Very hard to say. The aeroplane is off centre to me, the black bit of the window is visable but i dont know if you can do anything about that though.


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        thanks guys, I might have some others where there isn't much black on the right. When I was on the left of the boom operator it was too hard to see the A-10 due to him being slightly left of me.

        When I went to the right side, I still had to deal with the small window frame and trying to shoot over the right shoulder of the boomer who was pretty big.

        As long as I know the boom won't be an issue I'll post something else.



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          That A10 looks like it's going to lay a smack down!
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            First of all, you won't find many photos like that, because not many spotters share your luck of such locations

            I wouldn't reject the photo, despite the black frame in the bottom right, simply for its rare nature. Of course, if you find a better framed example ....
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              Great pic Dave.


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                thanks Gerarado and McG, there were 2 at the boom so I'll pick the best two.


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                  How lucky are you.

                  Good to see common sense prevails within the screening as to reject a shot like that would be tantamount to sacrilege. Us mere mortals just love the chance to be able to get a birds eye view of stuff like that, boom or no boom!


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                    I'm with Gerado,

                    The boom is part of the operation and motive of the shot. A definite inclusion in the db for me.


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                      For me too, this shot is simply GREAT and rare

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                        thanks everyone, I was truely so lucky to have been able to go up for something like this. Something I will never forget!

                        Hopefully a few of them will get in the DB