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  • Help with Rejections plz


    Had these rejected for being Dark/Underexposed they dont look dark on my pc any advice plz

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    Yep there bother quite underexposed and also the Singapore is quite grainy. Just add some levels or fix the Exposure in Photoshop and they should be fine but feel free to send me the originals via MSN and i'll help you out.


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      I had a quick go at your photos only messing around with the exposure and this is what I came up with. I looked at the photos info and your shutter speeds are a little high. You should shoot in aperture priority and set it to around F8.0 on sunny days and that should solve the problem.

      This ones biggest problem is when lightened it runs quite close to being overexposed up front. I would also say that it is just a tad bit high in the frame.

      and the T7 as said, is grainy and the nose is also a little overexposed.

      Hope this helps.

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        You have your EV set at -1.0 and -0.67....there is your exposure problem....probably more than one full stop from the slightly cloudy conditions in the first photo.
        Underexposure results in noise/grain.
        As far as the nose being overexposed that I would say is underexposed, making it worse by washing away detail in trying to "fix exposure in PS".
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          I was going to point that out as well. I to found that when underexposing and fixing some of the darker shots in PS noise became more apparent. Also on a side note, we have a rather large topic devoted to this problems raised in this thread at the top of the page if your interested