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How to find reg for military jets

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  • How to find reg for military jets

    Hello! I went to KMCC yesterday in Sacramento. I took many shots of those interesting military aircrafts, however, I have trouble finding the registrations of those jets. eg. 42822 is painted on the tail but when I tried to upload picture, I can't find any information on this aircraft...Anyone can help? Is there an easy way to find regs? Any good website you recommand me to go on?

    EDITED: Sorry not sure if this is the place to post this.

    I searched around this forum and found
    How do I know what year the serial number is in??

    Thank you

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    Would help if you tell us what aircraft you shot.

    However I bet the aircraft you mean is 54-2822 a VC-131D cn 232 preserved as "California One" at Sacramento.


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      One of the best sources is always .
      My photos on Flickr


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        In the U.S. Navy's case (as well as the Coast Guard and some NASA aircraft), aircraft registration is determined by the six-digit BUNO number, i.e. 163429, 165666, etc.


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          Umm alright, thanks for the advices/tips guys If i got any trouble again i'll try to post pictures up here