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Opening raw files?

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  • Opening raw files?

    I am trying to open raw files in Photoshop CS2, taken with my D200 and not getting anywhere?!!

    When I try to open the file, the message from Adobe reads; Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.

    Any offers please....much appreciated!

    Best regards....Paul

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    I would imagine you need a plugin for CS2, I know you need it to open Canon RAW's. Have a look on Adobe's website probably in the "Support" area.


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      Update your Adobe Camera RAW/Adobe Bridge (photoshop's RAW components) to latest version.


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        Nikon RAW is not the friendliest of the RAW formats and Nikon don't share their RAW protocols with Adobe. You may have to buy a proprietary Nikon RAW program.
        However RAW Shooter Essentials will convert Nikon D200 RAW images, it is free to download. An updated version will be incorporated into Adobe Lightroom when it is released.
        Lightroom will be worth the money for RAW users.


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          The other option is Nikon Capture Nx which will handle Nikon RAW files and has just had an update.


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            ...thanks very much for the help gents, I'll have a go with Raw Shooter.
            Regards to all...P.


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              If you update ADOBE Camera RAW it is able to open RAW files from your D200. Also the D200 comes with a software called Picture Porject, which also contains files / plug-ins for PS that will allow you to open the files and make some basic changes to them.


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                Go to

                In the left hand hand box marked "solutions and products" click "digital imaging".

                In the next page go to "For professionals" "Camera Raw"

                Here you will find the plugins for various cameras. The Nikon D200 uses Camera Raw 3.5. At the top right of the 3.5 list you will find the Macintosh/Windows download option.
                If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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                  ...many thanks again to all who have replied, I have now updated Adobe camera raw as, I'm now in the game

                  Cheers guys!!