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What am I missing here, rejection help please?

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  • What am I missing here, rejection help please?

    Tried to upload this picture twice, both times reject for Bad Info in the following field(s): Airline,Serial Number/CN

    First time I put C-21 instead of the Lear 35A.

    It's a private company that's that's why I haven't put Phoenix Air as the airline. Both times there were no comments so I'm not sure what else is wrong.

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    There is a Phoenix Air out there. is the biggest database of aviation photographs with over 5 million screened photos online!

    Nice shot of a Lear, btw.


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      Wow, when I did a search for either Registration nothing came up.

      Thanks for the comments and the help with the Airline, should have search all avenues prior to reuploading.


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        No prob. The best places to look for reg info would be either or


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          Dave, be carefull on the "Gates" bit it needs to be "Bombardier" AFIAK sometimes the auto fill might give you "Gates".


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            Originally posted by pilotgolfer
            No prob. The best places to look for reg info would be either or
            Sorry, I meant when I checked the DB here I didn't find the 2 regs that I have from Phoenix Air.

            Mark, when I check the FAA website it states Gates.

            Manufacturer Name GATES LEAR JET


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              I may be wrong if so I stand corrected. The reason I mentioned was Bombardier took over Gates in 1990 and it appears N527PA was produced in the same year.


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                So seeing all the others in the DB are listed as Bombardier I should stick with that do you think?


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                  Personally I think Bombardier would be the most accurate, we did discuss it amongst crew members and as far as I can remember we came to the conclusion that anything pre '90 would correctly be Gates post '90 would be Bombardier. Thats's not to say we would reject if they were wrong as checking every build date on any Learjet you shoot would be a complete nuisance. Gates or Bombardier would be acceptable, Bombardier would be spot on.


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                    Sorry to contradict but N527PA is a 1976 model Gates Learjet 36A, cn 36-019. It's FAA certificate waas issued in 1990.

                    I have made an autofill entry so it will give you the correct details Dave.


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                      No probs AJ, thanks for coming up with correct info.

                      Dave, apologies for the misleading info.


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                        No problems Mark, I really don't know the civilian stuff at all so I was just trying to get it right.

                        Thanks AJ for the auto fill.

                        I'll resubmit tomorrow with hopefully everything correct