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Need Help with the 'JID' Workflow

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  • Need Help with the 'JID' Workflow


    The JID workflow describes how to edit a/c photos to enable them to get up to and quality and Im stuck on a part on the tutorial. This part:

    'Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask..
    A settings box opens and I use the following settings.

    Amount 50%
    Radius 0.4px
    Threshold 0
    I will apply these settings until I see jaggies start to appear. It all depends on how sharp your image is to start off with how much USM to apply. Once the jaggies start to appear, normally after three or four applications at the above settings, I will go back a step (Ctrl Z) and look at the overall sharpness of the image. If there are still parts of the aircraft that need sharpening then I will add a duplicate layer and add a couple more passes of USM. This will of course produce jaggies, normally on the leading edges, around doors, around the nacelles etc. This is why you added another layer. Select you’re Eraser Tool (E)
    Now ‘rub out’ all the jaggies you have created. Once you have completed this merge the two layers together, Layer > Merger Layers (Ctrl E). You should now have a nice sharp image.'

    I am trying to select the Eraser tool but it wont let me, a little small square appears as my icon and when i click my image it just zooms the image in on another window i.e the unsharp mask window which it asked me to open up as said above...

    any ideas on where im going wrong and how to get rid of the jaggies as it says?

    The link to the tutorial:

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    I'm afraid I don't know what settings need to be changed in PS to prevent this from happening. However, there might be a way to go about this problem using a selective sharpening workflow which does not involve using your eraser tool...