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    Please don't get the idea that I think all poor weather shots should be "personal collection only". Poor weather shots can give a picture a magnificent impact sometimes. The thing is, they are not the easiest to process and require an original that is pretty damn close to perfect in the first place.

    I have just two pics in my 299 on the db that were shot in poor weather and were good enough for acceptance. Those 2 pics represent probably .5% or less of the poor weather shots I have subsequently binned as unusable...and I don't shoot a lot in poor weather !!
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      Originally posted by magic48
      I think it's a bit inappropriate to tell you to keep the shot for your personal collection without having had a look at your original. I, for one have taken a few photos under similar, if not worse conditions and successfully uploaded them to JP.
      Just my opinion - If you look at your shots they look alot better, even though there still abit dark they look better because of the spray effects. With Christopher's it's just dark, and the effects aren't the best.

      Like Brian said, not all bad weather shots are bad, but im sure Christopher can get exactly the same shot in L.A (in better weather), it's not like living in Manchester where you wait for good weather for months lol


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        Originally posted by RingwaySam
        Like Brian said, not all bad weather shots are bad, but im sure Christopher can get exactly the same shot in L.A (in better weather)
        Yes, but as Christopher stated in an earlier post, rainy conditions are not the norm in L.A., which is why he prefers these conditions over ordinary sunny weather.

        Again, reinforcing my aforementioned argument, nobody here knows what Christopher's original looks like and what potential might be in it. I'm not saying the pic can definitely be saved, but why not at least take a shot at it...


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          I just have to laugh only about 3 people that know me actually call me by my full name lol.

          The image is shot in RAW NEF so I can make some changes, and since the D70 while shooting in raw tends to under expose some its possible i just didn't bring it up enough with the levels tool. I plan on giving it a go again i just have to sit down infront of my computer and process again. I have a bunch of cool new shots now that Sierra Tango is open at LAX again.

          These two pics were 2 of 3 that actually came out and weren't blurred (out of 75-100 shot that day). No VR and a slow f/5.6 lens makes for challenging low light shots.


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            If you increase the brightness due to your camera underexposing your going to get heapes of grain noticable. Especialy in this kind of weather. Always happens when you underexpose and try to compensate with post processing. Im not saying all poor weather shots are for the personal collection, but you have to have the right conditions to pull it off... Simple as that.


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              Hows this?