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  • Help with this one

    Photo was rejected for too much/to little contrast....picture was taken in very misty conditions . Please help with improvements.

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    Well to start it is always going to be a hard shot to get to database standards but as the rejection suggests the image could do with slightly more contrast adding as shown.

    It maybe that there is just not quality there to start off with to get it up to standard


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      What is the view on Shots taken in mist as clearly this is going to make the image lack contrast as that is the natural effect of mist?

      I took one a couple of weeks ago where I tried to make the mist a feature of the picture but this was rejected for the same reason. You canít argue with the rejection, it is quite correct but on this basis it does mean that shots taken in mist are always going to be rejected which seems a shame to me. A straight aircraft shot taken in dark misty conditions is perhaps of little value but there have to be times where mist especially when the sun is shining through adds a dynamic to the photo which would make the poor contrast inconsequential.???

      (Perhaps a difficult one to answer without examples.)


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        If the mist adds anything to the photo, you can always try to upload. I'm thinking of condensation over the wings or special light effects. But unfortunately, mist deteriorates image quality before anything!

        My personal opinion, as I get to see hundreds if not thousands of photos as screener: I sometimes ask myself, why some photogs upload bunches of photos with simply lack of quality (contrast, noise, overall quality) caused by mist, showing simply side on shots for example.

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