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Rejected for oversharpening

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  • Rejected for oversharpening

    In my opinion the picture is not oversharped what do you think about it?

    I edit the picture in photoshop so here's he now hopefully not oversharpened your opinion is welcome thanks in advance.

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    The second one is more acceptable, with that in mind now go back and look at the first for comparison I'm sure you'll see the difference. Not that it's a problem, but I prefered the first crop you had an even distance from the nose to the edge of the frame & similar from the right wing tip. Now you have tight crop to the right wing and dead space in front of the nose.


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      yes i see the crop failure...going to correct it and try to upload the second picture again hopefully he's good than


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        At the risk of being too late: I would also try to correct the strong contrast. The shadows hardly show any details anymore.
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          On the first pic look at the black outline of the red lines before the M of Martinair. They are very jagged, which means oversharpening has now taken place.

          Now look at the second pic and the lines are smooth and nicely sharpened!


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            thanks for all advice! i re-edit the picture and now going to upload it again in my opinion he's now perfect i will let you now if he is accepted or not.