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  • Part of aircraft cut of

    Is there somewhere a definition of what the limits are for this rejection or could anybody explain....I see different pictures with not the whole aircraft on it and would like to know when it is acceptable or not to frame the whole aircraft or just a part of it.....I hope I made my question clear.
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    do you have an example?


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      Anything from an angle up to about 45 degrees is ok to cut off wings.

      Side ons - no reason to have anything cut off.

      Close up of the front section of a side on as long as it is from around the wings forward, if this was to show 3/4 of the aircraft then that would be considered "Cut off" as only the tail would be missing.

      I expect there are other examples, but these are the main ones that spring to mind.
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        do you have an example?

        This one had other reasons for rejection too but also the part of aircraft cut of.....where/how should I have taken or cropped the picture then?

        Anything from an angle up to about 45 degrees is ok to cut off wings.
        Can you show an example please. It is more visible en understandable to me then...thanks in advance
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          On the rejected shot you show too much aircraft. Crop closer to the wing root for example. I would suggest, you browse the db for examples of accepted crops.
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            In Dutch: sorry my english is not so good.

            Zie dat je nederlands bent, praat wat makkelijker. Hij is iets te schuin genomen en er is wat te weinig ruimte bij de neus.

            Here an example:
            ps: he is still oversharped


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              Gouryella bedankt, heb al wat zitten uitproberen em kwam ongeveer op zo'n crop uit, weet dat ie oversharpened is dus moet helemaal opnieuw beginnen als ik tijd heb.....

              Gouryella thanks , have been trying something and got somewhere near your crop, know it's oversharpened but I will start editing from the beginning when I have the time


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                No problem good luck with editing the picture!