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Problems with contrast

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  • Problems with contrast

    Hi Guys,

    had this one rejected due to contrast problems. Light conditions where
    a bit difficult.

    Do you think this second photo from the series is better and has
    a chance to be accepted?

    Thanks for your help!

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    The second one looks better as far as contrast is concerned but the first is a better angle of shot. How about adjusting the contrast of the first. Not only will this improve the contrast but also the sharpness, which may also need a little kick of around 50, 0.2, 0 USM
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      I just had a quick mess with the levels and USM and came up with this not perfect but gives you an idea that it is savagable


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        I think it's saveable but borderline.

        Only problem is editing a compressed image and then recompressing it makes it take a real hit on quality. There's also some banding because it's not a 16-bit source image. But this is just to show that you can do it.

        A good contrast S-curve in PS and a slight levels tweak and you're in business. Top it off with a little USM and you're set. I also made a slight color tweak to adjust the grey balance.

        Now, whether a screener would like the edit is something else


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          Hi Guys,

          thanks for the feedback so far. I think i will start from scratch and give it another
          try. I see where i went wrong.

          Dan, your edit caught my eye! Looks pretty good, though working on a compressed


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            Thank you. It's a snowy day up here in New England and I figured I would give it a shot. I do PS for a living in print production so it's no big deal for me to do edits.

            How familiar are you with PS curves tool? I looked at the histogram and saw that it was mainly bunched up in the midtones (hence washed out/low contrast). Using an S-curve with the curves command will help restore this without blowing out your highlights. Much more flexible than the contrast tool.

            Was this from a RAW file or from a camera JPEG, by any chance?


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              the curves in PS are not really my darling. I mainly adjust levels and brightness/contrast.

              Original shot is RAW (Canon, CRW).


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                OK Guys,

                i've reworked this damn image over and over again. It's not about getting it
                accepted here (no upload since the first rejection) - it has become now a personal war between China Airlines and me

                I'm completely stucked, whatever i do the contrasts will not appear, but
                of course i would manage to make it look overexposed, dark and just sh**t

                I don't do this very often because i always want to learn myself and it's a challenge which i'm willing to accept. But well, here it CRY FOR HELP!

                If anybody is bored enough and has a solution, please feel free. I give up...

                Tell me your e-mail adress and you'll get a 2.3MB jpg-file - just converted from raw without any further processing.

                Thanks in advance!