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  • Histograms

    I tried a search and did not see anything about these. Can someone explain or show what a properly exposed aircraft photo histogram would look like. Would it be a bell curve like photos were the entire frame is filled with colors or would it be kind of spikey since there is usually a bunch of blue sky around an object?
    Wayne Dippold

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    Just enter "histogram" in google. The first page will contain more links, than you will ever want to read.
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      There is NO perfect general histogram. A lot will depend on the balance of the lighting and your philosophy to digital photography and how much PP you do.

      I use a "Push to the Right but protect critical highlights" approach, happy to adjust the image in PP using a variety of techniques. (Note this requires careful monitoring of WB and individual colour channels.) I also use single shot HDR blending processes in more extreme cases.

      You are right that a fairly uniform sky will produce a histogram spike.
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