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  • Rejected for Bad Info?

    Okay, I had a photo just rejected for 4 reasons, of which 2 were relating to bad information on the aircraft. I'm not sure what they're talking about because the information matches exactly the aircraft as registered in the FAA Database -


    The picture submitted -

    Also, I'm not sure why it was rejected for "Obstructing Objects / Foreground Clutter". I don't think that a taxiway stripe should be considered an obstruction or clutter. If it is, then there are several hundred photos on this database that should be removed for that reason.

    I've appealed the photo on these grounds, but I'm looking to see more information on why it was rejected for these reasons because none of the information I provided when I submitted it was incorrect and the plane, while in slight shadow due to the sun being directly off the nose, it makes the aircraft visible because later photos with the sun more on its side are extremely hard to get proper definition due to the high gloss of the aircraft finish.

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    Well the aircraft is a DH 125 not HS look closer at the FAA website.
    Did you tick the business jet category?
    Obstruction , look top left and is that a bit of fence ? Looks like it from here.
    Backlit, well I think that is a little harsh it looks more toplit to me.

    Good luck .. Jid


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      You uploaded it as a HS-125 , The FAA Registry clearly says this is a DH-125.


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        The FAA registry shows all HS-125s (pre-series 1A) as "DH-125s" (Hawker DH.125 vice Hawker HS.125). The aircraft's dataplate and manufacturer's production list shows HS-125. The appeal rejection stated thusly - "The aircraft is a HS-125-1A". Again, I put the right info in that part. I go by dataplates and production lists. It's kind of like N150PA (it's in the database) the dataplate shows it to be a CV-240-27. The FAA calls it a T-29. Why? Because the aircraft was built as a T-29 and originally certificated as such when it was moved to the civilian register. However, when it was converted to a cargo configuration, it became a CV-240-27 in accordance with the STC which the work was performed under.

        I'm still trying to figure out the top left of the picture. It wasn't there in the original file, and I can't duplicate it, yet it showed up when I uploaded it to the website.

        I did tick the BizJet category as well, so I'm not sure why it was brought up.


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          Christopher, the aircraft is a HS-125-1A and that is not the information you uploaded with the photograph. 'Business Jet' was not selected. Those are the reasons for the bad info and categories rejections I'm afraid.


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            Out of interest, would it be acceptable to clone/heal the offending blur in the top left corner ( which I rather think might be a part of a chicken wire fence ? ) or would that be considered "Digital manipulation ?

            Mind you, looking at the pic, it shouldn't be too difficult to recrop without the blur.
            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              its also very badly compressed, not liking the fence in the top left corner either...

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