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Reliability of light poles to determine level

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  • Reliability of light poles to determine level

    I had the following rejected for horizon unlevel

    I'll agree with the rejection - the whole thing looks like it needs some CCW to me too. I think I know how it happened though. I'm pretty sure that I used that light pole in the middle of the shot to determine my vertical.

    Now, if I give it some CCW, the pole will lean left. Any thoughts on this? I don't recall a crooked pole while I was taking the picture.

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    Interesting, honestly I would put it a way that looks good. The lightpoles in that photo give no real indication of the vertical as they seem to lean in every direction. I would say it should be ok, when the one in the center leans slightly to the left and the one on the right a bit to the right.


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      Assuming the ground was level, I would rotate to level the wheelbase of the aircraft in the foreground - that is to say the nosewheel should not be higher than the mainwheels.


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        try not to use the light poles, they tend to move in the breeze and can be a real pain to use as a levelling reference...

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          Thanks for the replies. I'll probably try a re-edit using the edge of the ramp as a horizontal and see how that looks - light poles be damned!