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  • Resize Raw lose quality


    I shot in Raw and convert in "Capture One" i convert to Tiff 16bit and i do the all of postprocessing in Photoshop Cs2 i adjust saturation,contrast,levels,sharpness and so on,i do all this in the Tiff image and after a convert the Tiff 16bit to Tiff 8bit and finally to .Jpg.In finally the Photo seems very very good to my.but i need to resize(resize to 1024x683) them,and when a resize a lose a lot of quality(sharpness).I apply 1 or 2 passes of USM(50%,0.3,0) but the image is not with the same quality that had before.any tip?

    Which the best way for resize without losing quality??

    Thank you very much for your attention,Regards

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    What exactly do you think is bad? Can you show an example?

    First of all, I would resize before any sharpening. The only things I do before resizing is leveling and that's it. All the rest (color handling, curves, ....) is done after resizing. Then, as the very last step, I convert to 8bit and save as JPG with highest quality settings. Just once!! Any more saving as JPG will lower the quality.
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      I noticed on editing RAW shots that the original shot from the camera has less sharpness than JPEG originals have, after they come (already pre-processed) from your camera. Maybe it's good to compare your original RAW vs. JPEG files as well.

      In the most cases you won't really notice the difference until resizing. The way of resizing Gerardo explains would most probably give you the best result.

      Regards, Simon De Rudder
      Simon De Rudder
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        I would suggest that rsisizing the image is the first thing you do after levelling the horizon and certainly before you make any final adjustments to sharpness.

        You should also do as much adjustment to levels curves etc as you can in the RAW conversion not afterwards. Also I woud suggest that your CS2 processing is done using your image converted to a PSD rather than a TIFF file, assuming that your raw converter allows you to do this. You should also be able to do your RAW conversion in CS2 without the need for a third party solution unless you have a very exotic camera that is not supported by CS2.

        I hope this helps.
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