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  • Whats the go here?

    I had this shot rejected for Bad Composition which i totally dont agree with and dont understand whats bad about the centring or composition.
    I appealed the shot and it got booted again without any feedback from screeners on why they rejected which doesnt help so i want to know whats wrong with it.
    Centring seems fine equal dead space on top/bottom fuselage and the crop seems fine to shots that are already in DB.

    Cheers Mark.
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    Hi Mark,
    This shot has way too much empty space on the left side. if you compare to the 747 you'll notice that it's not quiet the same angle and that the pic is more balanced. The quality of the pic is good, no question about that but try a different crop and it should be ok.
    A very good tip is to look at your picture as a thumbnail or stand up and move a few feets from the screen, you'll notice what we mean by unbalanced.

    Best regards


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      Thanks for your reply but i still dont agree with it getting rejected for deadspace which i cant do nothing about and i wont be adjusting the crop as thats the crop i like for this type of angle so ill just keep it for my personal collection.

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        I think this is the type of crop in mind. In your original the picture was unbalanced with the main body of the aircraft off to the right and the right wing cut off. Cutting off the left wing in this crop brings the picture back into balance.

        If you look again at the examples you posted note how the main body in each case dominates the frame much more.

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          That's exactly what I meant. Thanks Brian for the example.