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I just don't seem to get it!

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  • I just don't seem to get it!

    I have read every article I can find on-line about j-peg artifacts and I understand what they are but I still don't get why they happen. Someone please help fill me in on how to make them go away!

    Here is an example I took last sunday
    The original image was 3072x2304.
    Here is the same image at the biggest size that photobucket will let me upload:
    Here is the same image at the required size:
    Aren't those j-peg artifacts around the tail in the last picture? why?

    Also, I just purchased a Nikon D40x so any info on proper set up of this camera for aircraft spotting would be greatly appreciated. Will the j-peg artifacts continue on this new camera as well?

    Finally, Since this is my first post on the forum I would like to say thanks to the crew on putting together such a great site!

    Thank you to everyone in advance for your help.

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    I would say the result of sharpening......probably when you resize.
    Your camera is set to "HARD" for this process.
    Also try centre weighted metering.......may be better for your overexposure issue.
    But it would be helpful to know what if any post processing you have done.
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      light sharpening and color but nothing major. It was also taken with a 7.1 mp Olympus Not the Nikon I just purchased would that have anything to do with it? Oh and I use Photoshop elements 5.0


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        Well you will notice the difference with a DSLR...but that camera is more than capable.
        But with sharpening set to hard as a camera default it will cause you problems more times than not....and it worsens on resizing.
        I believe what you are asking is JPEG artifacts is infact oversharpening.......look at the landing gear, and under the rear of the fuselage.
        Just a couple of settings away from a good photo.
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          Thank you for the help Greg!
          Do you have any idea what setting changes I should make to the new camera to try and avoid this?


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            Well that is if my assesment of your photo is correct ..
            I would suggest you just set sharpness, contrast, saturation at normal.
            Chose your prefered shooting program...TV, AV, M..., try centreweighted, and fire away.
            You are then in more control of post processing.
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              I would even say, disable sharpening in your camera if ever possible. Some cameras allow this.
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                Thanks for the help guys!

                I took some pictures with the new camera today (the D40x) and the fuzz apeared when I shrunk them to!!!!

                Do you think that If i took the image size down into the 2000 range this would eliminate the problem? Right now I am shooting in 3000+.

                If anyone would be willing send me a pm or E-mail and I will e-mail you some pics and maybe you could try to edit them and see if you get a better result.

                Sorry to keep asking all these questions but I would really like to get some more photos in the database and right now they look great at full size but as soon as I take them down to the required size they look terrible!

                Thanks again for all the help!


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                  What program are you using to do the resizing??

                  I think thats where your problem lies, not the camera.


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                    Hi Billsville. Just a standard one that is on my computer.(comes up when I right click on the picture)

                    Which one would you suggest using or buying?


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                      Rob old cat! I'm shooting with the D40, so I can possibly be of some help.

                      Here are some of my shots with the rig. Bling, Bling, Money ain't a thing

                      Now the camera settings I use (camera's are pretty much identical) are.

                      Get your manual(hope the pages are the same)

                      Page 6 (The shooting information display)

                      Little diagram of the "info display screen"
                      13>Center Weighted
                      15>AF-C (Continuous Auto focus)
                      16>Continuous shooting
                      17>ISO 200(for you 100)
                      18>Select the metering that suits the conditions

                      That's what I shoot. Along with "Shutter Priority" set at 500 or higher. If the pages aren't the same in your manual find the "shooting information display" section, it will have a picture of the info screen, and it's the side column on the right from bottom to top.

                      Peruse this gents site. He has some really good info on shooting.
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                        Originally posted by Rob M
                        Which one would you suggest using or buying?

                        You can buy photoshop?
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                          Hi CAM thanks for the tips!

                          I already own Photoshop Elements 5.0 but am unaware how to make it resize to the 1024 required max?


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                            Is this what you want......go to ..Image/Image will get this...

                            enter the size, 1024 in the circled box.....or do it in stages.
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                              WOW Thanks Greg and CAM that appears to have been the problem!

                              Thanks again everyone!