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  • Dust spots


    The following photo is rejected because of:

    Reason(s) For Rejection:
    - Dirty Scan / CMOS Dust spots

    What is a dirty scan and what are CMOS Dust spots?


    Paul Stam

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    Dust spots are some impurities in the picture. You can see them pretty well when you equalize your picture. (For example in PS you go to Image->Adjustments->Equalize) Than you see are supposed to see them..

    They normally result (when you use a DSLR) from your sensor being dirty. Normally happens when you change lenses on your camera. There is always some dust getting into the camera. And because the sensor being static loaded the dust really likes of attaching itself to it. Now when you take a picture you get a spot at that place... So from time to time you need to clean your sensor. Very often it already helps if you use a bellow to blow it away. But be careful never ever touch the sensor itself because it is very damageable.
    You can most time save the picutre by using the healing tool...

    For a scan it is similar. If the glas or some other part is dirty you get some spots or cords too...

    Hope it helps

    P.S.: For your picture there is some magnificant in the upper right part of the sky, and maybe a little dirt under the right engine...
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