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    Originally posted by Greg Wilson
    That "original" 74kb is not much help Oliver...

    You are only going to solve your problem by taking time and checking all your settings (camera & editing).
    I notice all your Exif is stripped from your photos. I thought I read that you use PS7.........don't know if that is responsible or other software that you use......for example, how do you upload from your camera to computer.
    If there was a way to get the full size file up to here i would do it.

    I use a combination of various bits of software for my processing, Raw Shooters essential, Paint shop pro 7 and Nikon Capture Nx.

    How do i get my files from my camera to my pc? All my files are copied off my memory cards onto my portable storage unit untill i get home. Once i am home and can acsess my pc i connect the PSU to the computer and use rawshooters to browse the images and do my initial deleting of the obviously bad ones, eg peoples heads, prop tips etc in the way or pin dots. I then copy them onto my pc hard drive and using Rawshooters again i go through and i am more brutal with my photos before loading them into Capture NX for the processing.