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  • Another Undersharpened thread

    Was just after some opinions on this photo, it does appear sharp to me but did wonder if the shadow at the top of the plane gave the impression of undersharpened? or am I missing something?

    Lighting issues I can deal with, I purposly left the image a little darker so the plane wasnt so glarey, Which did bring up another issue I have with lighting , I have found my photos with less direct lighting show more detail than photos with direct lighting but they are always declined, any comments on this would also be appreciated ... Thanks in advance


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    What screen are u using ? The pic appears generally very soft. I'll be glad to help you if you want to send me the original file (see my profile).
    What sharpeneing technic do you use ?

    Best regards


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      Its funny you can look at a photo a hundred times and think it looks pretty good it isnt until you re edit and compare to the first edit you think "What was I thinking" a screener pointed out some major flaws on a few of my queued photos (one I think I mustve been asleep - or maybe drunk, yeah drunk sounds better ) which when I submitted them I was happy with but after a re edit they look way better. After Alex comment I had another look at this photo, re edit and now on database


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        I'm glad it's in the database now. I realised you had sent me the pics but it got lost in the hundreds of mails I had in my mailbox when I came back from holidays... sorry about that and best regards.