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Help for these pictures pleas

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  • Help for these pictures pleas


    I've got these photo's rejected.

    First one:

    for bad composition and bad color (over/under saturation, hue)

    Second one:

    for bad color (over/under saturation, hue)

    Can somebody shine a light on these please?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Both of your photos appear to be over saturated making especially the grass look unaturally too green. The first shot is slightly high in the frame and had there not been a stauration issue would possibly have been accepted. Both re-workable IMHO.


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      The first one needs to drop in the frame. Set horizontal centre through the window line. To correct the colour cast set the white balance using the top of the fuselage. This example shows the colour cast correction on the right. I haven't changed the centreing though....

      The second pic was a bit more difficult for me as there is not really a true white to use for reference in the picture. I don't normally use auto functions in PS but auto colour produced this. Again, modified on the right.
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        Ive had a quick play around mainly using control points to see what i can do. For the first one i reaconed on the area just above the cockpit windows being true white and set the black point on the wheels.

        The second one i set the white point on the nearest engine pod. The black point was the wheels and i still dropped the saturation bu about 10%.