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  • Selective part of aircraft

    Hey guys

    A little bit of advice. I have one shot and I aimed to capture the new '10th anniversary' decal on the back of a Cathay Pacific A330.

    So, views and opinions of if I should upload it or not bother?


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    In terms of composition, for me it just doesnt really 'work'. Perhaps if you have included the tail it may have worked, but then taking photos of the rear half of an airplane generally wont be over-pleasing to the eye in terms of placement or photo composition. If the decal was on the nose section, then chopping the picture to create a nose shot would create a better framing. With the decal being where it is, its going to be tough to achieve the desired effect unless you just get the entire plane in the frame and make a note of the decal in the comments field to bring people's attention to it.


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      Thanks for the advice Dan, will take heed of what you said!


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        It does not work for me either. I agree with the above comments, tail shots very rarely work whilst nose shots are easier to make work.