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Bad Color (Over/Under Saturation, Hue)

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  • Bad Color (Over/Under Saturation, Hue)


    This was one of my first attempts to add photo to, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. As I am amateur in improving and assessing photos I can't see any of the rejection reasons. This is my photo: EDIT: as I just have noticed there is too much blue,am I right?

    Thanks in advance!


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    There is too much saturation in this picture, resulting in the colours not looking real anymore!

    Have a look at the grass for example, it looks much greener than it would in real..
    But it also seems to be a problem of the colourspace you use, because I just had a quick look in Photoshop at it, and it looked much better there (Still a bit to much saturation in my opinion, but much better!)

    Anyway it is also a bit soft for example at the registration and a bit oversharpened in other areas (the lines on the fuselage for example..)
    And maybe a little less noice reduction next time (probably the reason for the picture being a little soft in places..)

    As you are new, If you want some help with editing the shot, just drop me a message, and I will see what I can do and give you an explanation what I did step by step..

    BTW, which Program are you using to edit your shots?

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