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  • Beginner needs help

    Good day,

    Since a few months I own a Canon PowerShot A540, it is not a DSLR camera but I am happy with the results.

    Since yesterday there are three photos of mine on Jetphotos and there are 7 in the queue.
    My photos on JP can be found here.

    A friend of mine helped me selecting some of the photos I made and also assisted me editting the photos I made, like leveling, cropping, unsharpen, shadow / highlight, brightness / contrast etc...

    Yesterday I went to EHAM to make some photos, the results can be found here.

    Because I want to learn the selecting of the photos and editting my self, I am asking for some assistance.

    First of all, which photos of the series do you think are good (so not out of focus or other things which are difficult to "repair" with Photoshop), and why?
    I think: 0723, 0724, 0727, 0728, 0730, 0731, 0733, 0734, 0738, 0739, 0745, 0746, 0747, 0749, 0751, 0756, 0757, 0758, 0759, 0761, 0763, 0773, 0776
    Not: 0729, the distance is too far
    0735, is out of focus I think
    0736, distance too far and not a nice angle
    0740, distance too far
    0741, too much empty space I think, will have to crop too much
    0742, distance too far
    0746, is out of focus I think
    0762, distance too far
    0775, is out of focus I think

    Well, probably only a few photos will be good (JP quality) after editting, but I'm expereciencing it very difficult too select the "potential" shots... Because sometimes I think a photo is really nice, but someone else says it is out of focus etc. and not editable with Photoshop (well, not for JP quality for example)


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    Id love to help you here but i whent to the link to the photos you are asking our opinion on seems not to work. It asks me to save something but i dont recognise the file format.


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      It's the *rar format, which can be opened with for example WinRar. (The freeware version works fine)

      If you don't feel comfortable installing the program, I can upload the seperate images if you want.



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        Ill download the software and have a look for you.


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          Oky downloaded the software and extracted the photos.

          0723 - Tighter crop and sharpen it might me salvageable.
          0724 - Crop out the Fence end, noise reduction.
          0727 - Tighter crop.
          0728 - Level the image, look at the hut in the background. Again a tighter crop.
          0729 - Id not bother, to much in the foreground, to small in the photo.
          0730 - Tighter crop.
          0731 - No goer, dont like the angle and a tighter crop for me would not work.
          0733 - Tighter crop.
          0734 - Tighter crop.
          0735 - Brighten it up and crop it tighter.
          0736 - Dont like this angle, if you whant to try it again id crop it tighter.
          0738 - No go, chopped the wing tip off.
          0739 - Again i dont like this angle but a tighter crop might salvage it.
          0740 - Out of focus to me so a no go.
          0741 - Lighten it up, Tighter crop.
          0742 - To much like 0741.
          0745 - Crop some of the sky out and i like it. Lighten it to.
          0746 - To much noise, its to dark and looks soft.
          0747 - Out of focus.
          0749 - Lighten it up and a bit of noise reduction.
          0751 - Lighten it up, possibly to noisy.
          0756 - Out of focus to me.
          0757 - Tighter crop.
          0758 - Tighter crop.
          0759 - Over exposed.
          0761 - Level it and brighten it a bit.
          0762 - To distant.
          0763 - Nice image, i would not do anything to it.
          0773 - Tighter crop.
          0775 - Out of focus.
          0776 - Out of focus.


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            Thank you very much for your reply .

            I tried editing a few shots (only three for the moment) for the first time, do you think they are improved?

            IMG_0723 v2

            IMG_0745 v2

            IMG_0763 v2



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              The first one has a strange crop in my opinion.. (to much for a nose shot, and the tail + a part of the wing cut off for a normal shot.. neither is it an angle where a shot like this might be acceptable...)
              For the quality, it might be a border case, as it looks quite dark to me, and already some grain is visible..
              might be a hard to safe it, as it already has some grain in the original file..

              The second one is to dark also (even worse than the first one!), But it also willbe hard to brighten it up, as it probably will get very grainy too...
              (It is hard to get some decent shots with a point and shoot camera in such tricky light conditions.. while during good weather you will get some really good results, as soon as it gets a little darker you will see the differenz between a DSLR and a Point and shoot camera )

              The third one is the best in my opinion, the white is a little bit blown out at the top of the fuselage, but it still might be ok...
              I would crop it a little tighter at the nose and the tail (a little more at the nose), but than I think it has some good chances of making it in th db!

              Hope this helps

              "Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it's wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."

              Terry Pratchet


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                Thank you for your reply!

                I tried another:
                IMG_0724 v2

                And re-edited 0763:
                IMG_0763 v3

                Is this any better?

                After all I think 0724 v2 contains too much jaggies, probably because I sharpened it too much...


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                  You are right, the 772 is a bit oversharpened, especially around the bottom end of the fuselage, but it is not that much! But it is also a bit soft in parts!
                  I would give it a little less overall sharpening, and than a little more selective sharpening for the windows, the KLM titeles at the tail and maybe a little at the nose + all parts that still appear soft than .
                  And if possible without getting to much noise in the picture still try to brighten it a little more up (but not to much as you will get a blown out engine than ), but it might be ok this way too.

                  As for the reedit, I cannot open it completely, the bottom of the picture is cut off (gray if I save it to my computer..)
                  But for what I see it looks much better regarding the white (have a look at the histogram, you can see that the curve isn`t cut off such extremely than before!) Right now I would give it a little more contrast, and than it is ready to go!

                  "Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it's wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."

                  Terry Pratchet


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                    Again, thank you for your reply!

                    Sorry, my fault, there was probably too low empty space on my webspace .

                    Here is the corrected version with contrast:

                    Don't you think the white is now blown out again?

                    EDIT: This one is better I think.

                    And two other edits:

                    IMG_0734 v2

                    IMG_0773 v2

                    I think 0773 is (too) noisy.


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                      I think that version is better. Id give it a go on Jetphotos.

                      0734 - Looks slightly to dark for me, check the histogram here.

                      0773 - The white looks slightly blown out to me but that could be acceptable.


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                        Thank you,

                        But the problem I am encountering is that when I brighten it a little bit, the white blows out:


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                          The best way to brighten a picture up is with the Curves tool, there you are able to brighten the picture up, without blowing out the whites.. and you can do a lot more with it (for example give the picture more contrast etc.; it is one one the most powerful tools in PS!)

                          "Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it's wrong. No matter how fast light travels it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it."

                          Terry Pratchet


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                            Ive just had a play with this photo using black and white control points. I find these very good. Ive had to reduce ti to 800x600 pixels to get it to the right size to atach.
                            Last edited by ollieholmes; 2007-07-23, 19:17. Reason: Forgot to add a file


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                              Now i followed Jid's workflow and this is the result:


                              Which one do you like more, the above edit or this edit:


                              Thank you!