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when is it okay not to be level?

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  • when is it okay not to be level?

    I love this picture on the front page.


    It just got me wondering as I've seen my and other rejections mostly from A2A flights that because the horizon wasn't straight across it was rejected?

    If the horizon isn't level when you are taking the picture because you're in a bank, you shouldn't try to level the picture should you?

    Not knocking this shot at all, just want to not delete my shots prior to uploading because I thought it would have been an automatic rejection

    Thanks for your time.

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    Ok, I try to answer the question. I hope we all agree that this shot is not only a unusually great shot, but also technically different from 99,9% off all other shots.

    Here the camera is fixed to the wing. So the practical reference of horizon is the wing root, which looks ok to me. If you would set the natural horizon level in that case, it would be altering the acutal situation. Just try to correct the horizon yourself and see what I mean.

    So fact is, that the camera being in a fixed mounting to the airframe makes it different. Ohter inflight shots are not taken by a camera fixed to the aircraft. In that case references on the ground should be used. With verticals in the middle being the most important.
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      I can only agree with Stefan on the points raised.


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        I agree with Stefan, too. The shot in question "works" just as is, and would look silly (at least in my opinion) with a truly level horizon. The aircraft is the point of reference in a shot like this, not the horizon.
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          I wasn't trying to draw attention to this shot, it was just one that's all over the main page for good reason. It's very different and a killer shot.

          The part about the camera not being mounted, maybe it will be easier if I can show you what I mean?

          During this blackhawk flight we were banking left to turn back inbound. Now to level the shot takes away from what the photographer was seeing when he was taking the shot.

          Not leveling it is more what I was seeing, but the horizon is so off that it I thought it would be an automatic rejection?

          This isn't the shot I would have thought about uploading, like I mentioned earlier, I deleted them from processing, but have them on a disk.

          More just trying to see where the line is. Thanks for the responses!


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            I think the difference between the shots is that in the chopper shot there is no reference to the platform the shot was taken from. i.e. the chopper. The unleveled shot of the choppers turning looks wrong (looks like they are flying straight and level), with the leveled one looking much better

            In the example from the original post, the shot makes more sense to level the plane, not the horizon because the subject is the plane and the shot is coming from the plane. If the camera was turned around the other way and taking a shot of another plane then it might be a different story.

            Hope this makes sense.

            Steve Brown


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              Th helo shots looks much better with the leveled horizon. One sees that the choppers are banking. The same shot taken from the cockpit of the chopper you were in, might be a different think though.


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                cool, makes sense to me.