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  • bad composition

    I find this very difficult to get right when processing the pictures: picture 1 (PH-BDC) was accepted, picture 2 (PH-BDA) was rejected citing "Bad Composition (bad framing / aircraft not centered)"

    Any thoughts, ideas?

    Here is picture 1

    ... and this is the rejected one - picture 2

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    the second one seems a tad high, not much but it's noticeable.

    It's one of my biggest problems, trying to get it centered correctly


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      To make it noticeable I marked the center with a guideline. Pic 1:

      The trick is (with these full frame shots) to center the windowline of the aircraft, on Pic 2, you'll see it's way too high.

      Try that and you'll see the aircraft is better centered.

      Simon De Rudder
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      Simon De Rudder
      JetPhotos Management Team


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        The first one is better centred and yes the 2nd is high. The thing that jumps out is that they are both different sizes (crop ratio) that is. It would be better practice to stick to a 4:3 or a 3:2 crop. If it is a full framer and it's high or low do as I do "Recycle Bin"