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  • Confused: Horizon Unlevel

    Hi everyone, my first post here. Just after a bit of help!

    I have had some serious trouble trying to get a shot of a Bmi A320 at Dublin accepted (3 rejections. so far!), all because of the horizon.

    Here's the first attempt: - with this one I levelled the runway, because I thought it looked 'right' for the aircraft to be on a level suface.

    Second attempt: - I though the first one could have been rejected because of the apparent leaning lamp posts. So I tried levelling this one according to the posts.

    Third attempt: - On the second rejection I appealed, and the screener said that the terminal was un-level. So this time I ran right along the top line of the terminal roof, and levelled it accordingly. It's a bit of an optical illusion, and appears to be slanting down to the left. But I've tried it several times in Photoshop, and it does infact appear to be correct. I think one problem is the vertical grey poles on the front of the terminal; they are actually coming out towards the frame because the roof extends out over the terminal. This gives the impression of them leaning.

    I hope someone can help, and let me know what I'm doing so wrong!


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    Second and third attempt are the same.
    My photos on Flickr


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      I would take those 'extensions' (Those rooms on the roof) as my reference point.



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        Sorry, had accidentally copied the same link twice! I have now changed it.


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          I don't know but it seems level to me, since you're shooting at an angle.

          Watch out you have dust spots in your upper left hand corner


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            Using the roof "extensions" verticals it comes out as a 1 degree CCW rotation using your second shot where you used the lamposts as a reference. Incidentally, not one of those lampposts gives the same reading !!

            As investment bankers say..."always rely on bricks and mortar for a solid investment"

            This is the result. ( Note: Image degradation due to resizing and compression )

            If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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              Cheers for the advice guys, I'll give it one last go.