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Impending Change to Photo Cropping Rules

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    Originally posted by LX-A343
    Well, easiest would be: crop away 1-2 pixels at the left or the right

    Two pixels more or less is OK. We noted, that shots taken with some Nikon DSLR are resized to 1024x681 instead of ...x682 or ...x683. Weird things happen sometimes....
    You know, you always forget about "Nikon math" until it stares you right in the face. Thank you for clearing that up


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      We have an allowance for that in the screening process.
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        Originally posted by Joop
        I have a question: I recently bought Photoshop Elements 6.0.
        When cropping there is an option to 'use photo ratio' (from the original photo).
        When doing so and resizing/saving (keying 1024, using contraint proportions) it doesn't always give me a 1024*783. How to make sure I get the correct ratio and what are the margins to 'play'with?

        Thanks for your feedback,
        Uncheck Constrain Properties and it should work for you. Just type it in and see what will happen. It will not measure itself and you should not see any linkage between the two.


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          Is it "between" or "either"


          The ratio explanation remains a bit soft. I've seen the word "between" used a couple of different times when y'all are describing the size ratios for photos. For example, if I submit a photo that is 1024 pixels wide, should it be between 683 pizels high and 768 pixels high? Or should it be either 683 pixels high or 768 pixels high?



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            Your question has been answered here:
            My photos on Flickr