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Need help: very difficult to level

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  • Need help: very difficult to level

    Hi, got two rejections on this picture and I still don't see, how to level it right.

    Because of the wide-angle distortion it is difficult to level, I didn't find much where I could level on, if I twist it one way the floor looks uneven, if I do it the other way the ceiling looks bad.

    First rejection

    then I twisted it on the other side...

    second rejection

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    Try 1 deg. anti-clockwise to your first rejection......( photo 1559312 )
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      This one's hard to judge, but if it were me I'd actually be going .5 to 1 degree counter clockwise of the second rejection. The first leans too far to the left, the second just a touch to the right.


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        you'd have those two cable channels (?) on the lower end of those brown mats. At the end of the plane, they end on the same height above ground (plane standing level assumed).

        In PS you could put a horizontal line trough the point on the left side and then turn it in steps of 0.5°. I'd say there are some 1 - 2 degrees in it - clockwise.

        Just my 2 cents, good luck anyway


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          See the guy with the black top and light blue jeans, he has a lady in an orange top standing to his right ?
          Just a thought but he seems to be standing pretty much straight up. Try running a vertical centreing line from the crown of his head running through the crotch seam of his trousers. He looks like the only reliable vertical that you have. I can't post an example as I'm at work with no PS available to me.
          If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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            Thanks a lot for your advice.

            After trying out, what you told me, I came to the very simple conclusion that in this case I had better done nothing to the original picture which was taken with a tripod (not the best one, but a good old one - sometimes the three feet give a level result...).

            Thinking «you must add something to this one to make it better» turned out on what you saw: two rejections ! Because after I twisted it wrong the 1st time, I did it worst the second time just trying to do something else by the second occasion.

            On this third trial, there will only be the original shot, with no cropping, nor leveling added...



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              It worked ... and contributes to JP !

              Plus that I'm satisfied about getting it through, I am proud in making some contribution to Jetphotos, by placing - as it seems

              the first cabin shot of a C-5 Galaxy !


              In saying so, I first checked all the other 481 C-5 Galaxy shots and there were only two pictures who are getting the nearest to a cabin shot:



              as they depict a deep look inside, but they are not listed under the cabin category.

              Not noticed are photos who are not listed in the correct category !

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