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Need help with bad composition

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  • Need help with bad composition


    I am after some help with bad composition (again...)
    This one is rejected for bad composition and blurry. I'll try to deal with the blurriness part but not really sure how to correct the composition. I had the windows on the center horizontal line; should I even out the space of "A" and "B" instead?

    This one is also rejected for bad composition. Again, should I use top and bottom space for alignment?


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    #1 is clearly too blurry. I doubt, you will get anything decent out of it. As for centering, the aircraft is simply too low. Without doing any maths with the photo, the photo simply looks unbalanced.

    #2 is borderline. Without the hill in the bottom left corner, the aircraft would be too high. However, the hill changes the composition and makes it look better. Try placing the aircraft slightly lower, perhaps it looks better.

    As a general rule: after all maths and measuring, make a few steps back and look again at the photo. Usually your feelings should tell you, if the photo looks OK or unbalanced. It's like hanging a picture to the wall....

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      Thanks very much, Gerardo. Recycle bin for #1 then.

      I do find hanging a picture to the wall a bit easier - it is balanced as long as my wife said it is


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        Now, that's tough! Not only your photos are screened, but also everything else you do at home ..... why do I get this "Déja vu" feeling???
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          Is that not the reason why men got married in the first place, to get screened at home?


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            No, the screening part is the price some men have to pay ...
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