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  • Rejected - What Gives?

    Hi all,

    I'm having a hard time understanding a recent rejection I received, and appealed, twice - firs after fixing the bad info, and second - which I will explain...

    Rejected shot in question:

    I originally uploaded this shot with the simulator's FAA ID in the registration field, which was rejected for Bad Info in the following field(s): Location,Registration,Serial Number/CN. Okay, fine - no big deal. So, I resubmitted the photo again with just "Simulator" in the registration field. Tonight, it was rejected AGAIN for being "similar" to another "shot" I have in the database.

    Therein lies the problem...

    I don't have a similar photo uploaded (see below). Yes, I have other pictures of a 737-800 simulator in the database which, by the way, happen to be of a different simulator, but since FAA IDs in the registration field are unacceptable, I have no way to differentiate between them. Those shots, however, were taken on September 3, not September 11 like the rejected shot.

    If anything, the two accepted shots are similar - by every stretch of the definition: same simulator, same date, same visual setting, same (lack of) registration, same a/c type - need I go on?

    So, here I am, faced with a decision. Reupload, or just forget about contributing this photo to this database. Myself and others (and more than likely the original screener) like the photo. I really enjoy contributing to this site and the art of aviation photography but cases such as this make me scratch my head and wonder, "What was this guy thinking?!"

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    Considering the info available in screening how should we know, that is is a different simulator. We only see the pic and it is similar to the accpeted ones. A different date tells us nothing and has no influence on similar rejection, especially if the shots are tkaen within a few days of eachother.

    You should give us the info you wrote down here in the comments to the screeners.

    a) different simulator then before
    b) without HUDs compared to the other

    and also explain that in the remarks field. Then it could be accpeted.


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      I explained that this was a different simulator during the appeal. It was still rejected. Either way, the first rejection mentioned nothing of the shot being similar to any others, just that it had some bad information included with it.


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        To be honest, for me it's just another simulator. As for another date, that's not important to us.

        Then, you also wrote in the appeal message, that the exterior is different, or something along the lines. Again, this doesn't matter at all, as the main subject is the simulator.

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          Then it would seem to me that not all of the screeners are on the same page. If they were, the two accepted shots would never have been both uploaded. And, using that logic, the simulator could be on a completely different continent and airport but since it happened to be a 737-800, it would be considered "similar."

          That's absolutely ridiculous.


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            At the end of the day this is a simulator we're talking about, its not even a real plane. We run a website for photos of aircraft, to be totally frank your lucky any sim shots get accepted...