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  • Dust spots

    As a 20D user I am very familliar with dust spots and how to get rid of them so i was quite surprised to get a few recent rejections for this.

    How I normally get rid of them is to make a duplicate layer, equalize this layer, select original layer and use healing brush to remove. Is there another / better method for doing this? The pics rejected were all taken on the same day and within an hour or so of several that have been accepted (no lens changes either)

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    The color of the sky, the type of background behind the spot and the aperature used all influence how visible the spot is. So it is normal that some were rejected and some were accepted.

    Your mehtod looks fine to me. I use the same, but always at 200% zoom.


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      Thanks for the reply Seahawk. Glad I am doing something right re technique but it did not show up the dust spots that caused the rejected (otherwise I would have removed them) hence the question if there was something else to show 100% of the spots