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  • Rejected - Similar Photo

    G'day all,

    I recently uploaded 2 photos of the same area at Perth Airport.
    One photo was taken on 30 Sept 2005, the other same date exactly 2 years later.
    I uploaded them and informed the screener that they were different photos to show the changes that have occurred in 2 years at Perth Airport.
    The 2007 photo was rejected for "Similar Photo Uploaded".

    I appealed the decision and this was also rejected:
    Admin Comments >> the date is not taken into consideration, when judging a photo for \"similar\". The photo looks similar.

    The 2005 Photo

    The 2007 Photo

    Now surely an exception can be made in this case, as there are many difference between the two photos, which I did list under the remarks of the 2007 photo.

    Is the screener being pedantic in this case, or am I at fault for the rejection?
    I would have thought that the 2 photos showing such changes would be of great benefit to plane spotters either in Perth, or elsewhere.

    Should I appeal the rejection again, or re-upload the photo?
    Comments please.



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    From the nupload guideline:
    [...]Similar refers to same registration, same angle/composition or same background, even if taken at different dates. [...]
    The background is more or less the same. The differences are not that important to warrant both photos, evenmore as they are not even the main subject of the photo. Also, I wouldn't appeal again.

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      I recently had a shot rejected for the exact same reason. I think if the picture had been taken from a different plane with a different registration it would have gotten through.....