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what is wrong? bad motive

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  • what is wrong? bad motive

    a tried to show this 767 from little different perspective then typical.
    What is bad in motiv of this photo?

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    For me im not so keen on parts of the engines missing.


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      There indeed needed to be more of the aircraft in the shot for this to work, and the shot being taken off centre didn't help either.


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        thanks for your reply

        wider crop (including engines) looks worst, I don't like it. I hoped such a crop would be interesting...


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          I have to say having looked at the photo again it just does not appeal to me. Maybe if more of the nose and the engines where all there i might like it.


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            Doesn't realy do anything for me either. Now if there was something cool reflected on the undercarriage then it would be ok, but there is the tarmac and grass. Also should be centered.



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              I have to say I am normally fan of such motives! (unfortunately normally I don`t have the chance to get them... )

              But in this case it doesn`t appeal to me either. ..

              As said above it needs to be centered, and I would have cropped it tighter to the wheels to get rid of the dead space under the aircraft...
              And I don`t know if it would have worked with the lens you used, but I would have played a bit to maybe get portrait format shot..

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                I'm one of the screeners that pegged this one, and I rejected it because it was off-center, and the engines are very awkwardly cut off. There are ways to make this type of photo work, if you have the opportunity maybe zoom out enough to get the engines in the shot and do it from the dead-center of the aircraft will help you out a very long way, as it stands now the only word I can really use to describe this shot is "awkward."

                I will say this though, having a simple background will go a long way for you, because a blank empty horizon, or in your case trees, is far less distracting (and detracting) from the main focus than a busy airport terminal in the background.

                It can be done, if you have the opportunity go for it.