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Again the problem of: Too much or too little contrast

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  • Again the problem of: Too much or too little contrast

    This photo is rejected bedcause of: Too much or too little contrast

    When I look at the histogram, they look fine to me.

    This reason of rejection depends of which screener the photos is screening, so it seems.

    What is your opinion?

    The photo:

    Last edited by Paul Stam; 2007-10-12, 18:21.

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    It needs a little more contrast.. It simply looks flat.

    I had a little look at the photo in PS and, you first you can adjust the darks a little bit, but normally much more important to get the contrast right is to adjust the curves.

    To get the contrast right I normally wouldn`t look at the histogram, that is something you should view with the entire picture..

    Hope this helps!

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      You simply need to take more time post processing Paul,
      A lot of your stuff is extremely soft , or extremely contrasty. Best way around this is to calibrate your monitor properly and use Jid's workflow for info on using the curves side of things.


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        What screen do you use Paul ? I agree with Will, if you see this pic well contrasted you really need to check your screen.



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          As i said in your appeal 'add more contrast'. Not sure why you needed to post a thread about it, but whatever lol.


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            Thank you guys for your advices.

            Paul Stam