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Wingview (dirty window)

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  • Wingview (dirty window)

    hey guys, went on a C-130 flight this morning and took some shots. and i am wondering if this photo would make it in. The window was sort of dirty or scratched...but since this is kind of rare (considering it's coast guard and not everyone except military crew/ guests gets the chance to fly on it) i think this would be ok?

    and also this picture...does this one have motive? and if it does, should i upload it as a "wingview" picture, since it's looking out of the plane?

    Thank you

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    Kevin, I love them both...

    #1..The horizon is out..needs to be fixed. Watch the contrast

    #2 Watch the Horizon again. It's not a wing view though. I guess you could upload as cabin. It's just a cabin with a big hole at the back.


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      hey thank you! and so the scratched window is not a problem? and yea i'll try to fix the horizon.


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        Originally posted by Kevin
        hey thank you! and so the scratched window is not a problem? and yea i'll try to fix the horizon.
        Shouldn't be a problem at all. Just fix the horizon and the contrast and it'll be good to go.



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          Really cool pics and really cool job.
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            First photo: I know you have mentioned that it is a dirty window, but I think you should take and shoot those that seems to appear like dustbunnies. There's alot around engine 1. around the propeller and far-right side. Nice views though. This is something some of us never get the opportunity to do, Looking out over the San Francisco Bay? just passing the diablo point from the back of a C130. Truly amazing.
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              hey thanks for your kind comments and advice. will try to fix the problems and upload them in about a week, i still have some miscellaneous shots in the queue!

              EDITED: Actually I would like to upload it as my 500th picture on jetphotos.