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Heat Distortion?? Help

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  • Heat Distortion?? Help

    Dear All,

    Can I kindly ask someone explain what heat distortion is and are really pictures rejected because of heat distortion salvagable?

    I have recently received two rejections becasue of this reason.
    2. (apart from other rejection reseaons, e.g. dirty CMOS and noisy image)
    Thanks for your help.


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    Generally no, heat distortion cannot be repaired.

    Heat distortion is essentially a disturbance of the air between you and your subject caused by hot air, or 'heat haze'. It varies from a light shimmering on surfaces to the 400 degree celcius jet wash you see behind an engine. If your subject is behind that heat haze it will appear distorted.


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      Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for your reply. To be honest I cannot find where in my photos there is heat distortion, can I ask to show them to me please?

      Thanks and regards,


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        The easiest to see example is on the Qantas 737. Around the Qantas titles there are 'blisters' of heat distortion and no part of the upper fuselage is straight. The wavy lines are cuased by heat distortion. Unfortunately as summer heats up you will have to shoot closer and closer to the subject to avoid distortion.


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          I can see the heat distortion on the Qantas shot too; however personally I can't see anything wrong with the Virgin Blue pic on that basis; seems a little harsh at least to my somewhat amateur eyes.
          Tom Collins